Some software useful for participating in programming contests

IDEs and compilers for С/C+:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition - IDE and compiler developed by Microsoft corporation. This version is free (and also is downloadable from Microsoft website). To install it extract archive into any folder on your PC and run Setup.exe.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition - another version of MS Visual Studio. To install it you should mount CD image with any CD emulator, write it to a CD disc, or extract with archiver.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition - another version of MS Visual Studio. Installation is the same as 2008 version.

Dev-Cpp - IDE, which includes GNU C++ 3.4.2 for Windows. One of the most convenient GNU C++ implementations for Windows.

GNU C/C++ 4.5.0 - ported version of GNU G++ 4.5.0. It is stricter about standards than G++ 3.4.2. Also it works faster. Beware, there is no IDE in this archive.

IDEs and compilers for Java:

Java Development Kit version 6 update 21 - official Java compiler. Includes Java Runtime Environment.

Eclipse SDK 3.5.1 - IDE suitable for Java coding (also, it is used on ACM ICPC World Finals).

Eclipse SDK 3.6 - updated version of Eclipse.

IDEs and compilers for Pascal:

Free Pascal 2.2.2 - open source IDE and compiler. Recommended for persons, who are used to Borland Pascal.

Free Pascal 2.6.0 - updated version of Free Pascal.

Another programs and tools:

Run for Windows - tool by SPb NRU ITMO. It measures CPU time and memory used by your program. Caution! If your program actively uses dynamic memory allocation (e.g. STL library for C++), measured time could me much more than real.

Far Manager - very convenient file manager and editor. Includes Colorer plugin with syntax highlighting for most languages. Also includes 7-zip plugin for working with archives. To install it just extract archive into any folder and add this folder to your PATH variable.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package - this package is required to run local games (in game contests).

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